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Launching of Our New Website

We have been thinking to change the whole look of Klinik Pergigian Zara for quite sometime. The first website was launch about 3 years ago bearing with the domain name It was that long, and there were almost no changes whatsoever to the look of the website. It wasn’t that long after, the domain has been quite a search in Google’s engine. We had about few thousand unique visitors on monthly basis at the moment.

We also moved all of our data to a new datacenter to enhance of our site’s speed and storage as our patient are growing larger by the years. Since, our server has been moved recently the web admin has decided to redo from scratch of the whole new website for Klinik Pergigian Zara. It is easier to navigate, and we insert a blog section to update our customers with promotion and news or announcement. Hoping that our customer could interact more on our new page, we encourage our readers to leave a comment/enquiries of our clinic services.

Thank you for visiting us.

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